Mel Coppola

Certified in Gerontology , St. Pete College

Certified Educator and Mentor, The Eden Alternative

Helping others achieve their goals has been at the heart of Mel Coppola’s career path.  Through training, coaching and facilitative learning experiences, she has helped others open up to new ideas and possibilities. 


For the past five plus years, those ideas have focused on person-directed care values and principles, primarily in the aging field.  


Understanding that every Elder has a gift to give and deserves a meaningful life where their voices and choices are honored and respected, she brings extensive training and knowledge to the table.   She has sparked her local community to begin to make the necessary changes in our aging world.  She is deeply ingrained in two national organizations working to bring person-directed care practices into the lives of all Elders, The Eden Alternative and Pioneer Network, and speaks on person-directed care topics at national and international conferences.


Mel has her Certificate in Gerontology, is a Certified Educator with The Eden Alternative, and is the founder and owner of Hearts In Care, LLC.   Her deep interest in helping Elders of all abilities achieve more well-being in their lives is the reason she founded her business.

I have known Mel for over seven years and I would like to write a book about her!  The world needs more people like her!  She is inspiring, motivating and brings life to everything she touches!  I got to know her first through working together and soon after that we became friends.  I loved how Mel brought the Eden Alternative philosophy to our office as it brought growth to each one of us personally as well as our work with Elders and care partners.  I loved taking the Eden at Home Care Partner Workshop as I learned a lot about a much better way to make our Elders feel valued, respected and empowered.  I am always impressed with who she is as an Educator as she is what she teaches.  Mel is passionate about what she does which is why people around her feel hope for a better future for themselves and their loved ones.

          Chantal Zeitler, Griswold Home Care






I  have known and watched Mel and her passion for the last 5 years. Her enthusiasm is contagious when she speaks about the way aging is perceived.  She is an advocate for our aging population and is a person who makes a difference daily.  She is an awesome communicator and she lives a life full of gratitude.

      Linda Burhans,  Linda's Caregiver Connections