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Informed consumers are demanding more for their loved ones across the care continuum.  Although they generally arrive in crisis, they are much more knowledgeable than those that came before them.


Many are educating themselves on newer concepts such as person-centered and person-directed care.  And once they understand what these new care practices offer, they won't accept less for their loved ones.


They want organizations who hire loving, compassionate individuals to care for their loved ones; organizations who genuinely care for their staff just as they care for the people they assist.  And who empower that staff with a voice to be part of the care plan team.


And if they want this for their loved ones, do you think these Baby Boomers will accept less for themselves?  No, the entire Eldercare industry will need to turn upside down on it's head to be ready for what these world-changers will demand as they age.


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