Care Partner Coaching


Sometimes we need someone who will listen.  Not judge.  Not criticize.  Not scold. Not tell us what to do.  But just listen.  And to facilitate our learning on our own very unique care partner journey.  


We generally become care partners during times of crisis.  Unprepared and often unwilling, not because of a lack of love and compassion, but because we want our loved one to be who they were prior to this crisis.  


And because each of our situations is unique, we need a care partner who we can bounce things off.  Every care partner is a unique individual with a unique relationship to the person they are caring for.  So even siblings sharing care partnership of a parent will feel differently based on the relationship each one has with the parent.  But there is a commonality as well.  


It is often easier to gain perspective from someone who is not deeply embedded in the relationship.  I can be that person for you.  


Contact me for a free consultation on how I can help as a Coach and an Advocate.