Elder Advocacy

Interdependence/Care Partnership/Person-Directed/Self Care​/

Balance/Effective Communication​/Dementia Care/Well-Being 



Do these words resonate with you?  I hope so.  They are some of the terms that are meshed into everything we do at Hearts In Care, LLC.  Whether you are currently an Elder, a soon-to-be Elder (Baby Boomer), or a care partner for an Elder, we can help.  






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This video, by Dementia Action Alliance, shows the positve benefits of person-centered care not only to elders, but to those caring for them.  Although the video is focused on people living with dementia, it is just as powerful for all people in a position of accepting care.  


We have seen these positive benefits and want all people to experience life this way.  This is why Hearts In Care was begun and why we are so passionate about helping people learn about the choices they can make and how to make their voices heard.