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Personalized Engagement Plan


Every individual deserves a life filled with purpose and meaningful engagement.  Yet, if your loved one is living with Alzheimer's Disease or another related dementia, more than likely you sometimes struggle to make that happen.  You might also struggle with communication and/or some actions commonly referred to as problematic behaviors. Sometimes you are buried so deep in doing what must be done that's it's hard to see the rest of the picture!  That's where we can help!


First, we will meet with you and your loved one or your care partner team for an information gathering session.


Next, we will take all the information gathered and prepare a totally personalized engagement plan which will be focused on the strengths and interests of your loved one.  It will offer ways that each member of the care partner team can engage with your loved one throughout the day.  You'll also receive tips and approaches to take the team from intention to implementation and an individualized behavior modification plan.


We will follow-up with a third meeting to review progress and empower the team for further successes in engagement, communication and behavior redirection.


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