Inspiring and Motivating Speaker


Looking for someone to help showcase your organizaiton in a positive manner?


We can bring topics that consumers want!  


Here are just some presentations we can offer, including some we have presented at national aging conferences:


  • Finding the Individual in the Illness—Person Centered Approach and Design 

  • Person-Centered Care Survey Process-The Eden Alternative Can Help You Have a Better Survey Outcome

  • The Eden Alternative-A Person-Directed Approach to Care

  • Eden At Home

  • Inform, Transform, Inspire--Advocating for Change in How and Where We Age

  • The Eden Alternative Domains of Well-Being

  • Emerging From the Shadows—Security and the LGBT Elder 

  • Reframing Homecare Through Person-Directed Practices  

  • Aging Intentionally--How Words Can Change Our Perceptions

  • Aging With Purpose

  • Keeping Your Brain Healthy

  • The Individual in the Illness—Honoring The Person Through Person-Centered Care Practices (Part 1 of 2 part series)

  • The Individual in the Illness-Honoring the Person’s Identity-Past and Present (Part 2 of 2 part series)

  • Maximizing Well-Being to Minimize Behaviors

  • Well-Being is a Rainbow Flag: Putting Well-Being Back Into the Lives of LGBT Elders Through Person-Directed Care Practices

  • How The Aging Network Came Out of the Closet: The LGBT Elder Initiative of Pasco-Pinellas

  • Rethinking Home and Community-Based Care Through Person-Directed Practices--A Think Tank

  • Rocking Aging--Not Rocking Chairs!